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We’re always on the lookout for talented writers to contribute high-quality content to our website. If you have expertise and insight to share on topics related to casinos, vaping, CBD, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Goal Our mission is to provide our readers with accurate, informative, and engaging content across a range of adult-oriented topics. We strive to cover these subjects from various perspectives – whether reviewing products, exploring the latest trends and research, or delving into the culture and lifestyle surrounding the vices our audience is passionate about.

What We’re Looking For We accept submissions on a wide variety of subtopics related to casinos, vaping, CBD, and associated subject matter. Some examples of the types of content we publish include:


  • Casino game guides and strategy articles
  • Reviews of online and land-based casinos
  • Gambling law, regulation, and industry news
  • Casino player profiles and event coverage
  • Stories about casino scams, cheats, scandals, etc.


  • E-cigarette and vape gear reviews
  • Guides to vaping for beginners
  • Vaping laws, regulations, and policy debates
  • Overviews of vaping flavors and e-juice brands
  • Perspectives on the vaping community and culture


  • CBD product reviews (oils, edibles, topicals, etc.)
  • Benefits, effects, and use cases for CBD
  • CBD extraction methods and quality considerations
  • Legal landscape around CBD (hemp, cannabis, etc.)
  • Exploring emerging CBD research and studies

In addition to these core areas, we’re open to other vice-related pitches that would capture our audience’s interests, such as content about gambling, tobacco/smoking, alcohol, and more.

Our Standards To be considered, all submissions must be:

  • Original, well-researched, and factually accurate
  • Engaging, articulate, and written with our audience in mind
  • Free of plagiarism with proper source attribution
  • Minimum length of 800 words for most content types

We provide comprehensive submission guidelines and editorial standards that all writers must follow. Self-promotion, link-stuffing, and other unethical practices are strictly prohibited.

Ready to Get Started? If you’re an experienced writer interested in contributing content within our core topical areas, we’d love to hear your pitches and ideas. Simply submit a brief overview of your proposed article concept(s), a writing sample or links to published samples, and details about your background/qualifications.