Start - Mountain Plaza - Vail, Co

Description: Mountain Plaza will also host the start of stage two of the Colorado Classic. Mountain Plaza will be a great spot to watch the race as you will be able to see the riders set off one at a time for the time trial. The start area will again be home to the Expo area. You will also be able to watch the award ceremony after the race.

Parking: There are several parking opportunities the day of the race.

Early bird parking will be located at the Lionshead parking structure on S. Frontage Road. The parking structure will be open all night prior to the event but closes at 9am and won't open again until 3. Please be advised that cars will not be allowed in or out of the structure between 9am - 3pm. (need information on bus and transportation)

Additional parking can will be located at the Vail Village parking structure from 9 until it's full.

Overflow parking will be found on  (S/N???) Frontage road open all day.

Finish - Vail Pass - Vail, co

Description: Watch the riders fight for the finish line near the top of Vail Pass. The hill climb format of the Time trial on stage two offers numerous viewing opportunities along the course. The riders will be battling gravity on their way up Vail Pass and will be traveling at a slower pace allowing for great exposure to the riders.


unsure? Bike/hike up?