Updated July 31, 2019

Stage 1 - Steamboat Springs - August 22

Entire route is a rolling enclosure (no hard closures). Expect closures about 10 minutes in front of race and road re-opening immediately after it passes. In most locations this should create an impact of 15 to 20 minutes as race passes. Those along Mt. Werner and County 14 will have this impact twice as the race leaves town and then returns 2 hrs later.

Stage 2 - Avon - August 23

The race is made up of two separate circuits, the lower or Avon circuit and the upper or Beaver Creek/Bachelor Gulch circuit. Both will be hard closures during race time. The lower circuit will be closed from 12:30pm to approx. 3:00pm. During this time law enforcement will be manning a few traffic crossing points to allow some access. For the first 90 mins of this closure (12:30 to 2:00) traffic within Beaver Creek and Bachelor Gulch will be able to flow and access can be had from Prater Rd. Starting at approx. 2:00pm this section, or the Upper Loop, will be locked down for 1hr with no traffic allowed.

Stage 3 - Golden - August 24

This course is a complete hard closure from 11:00am till approx. 2:15pm. There are some traffic bleed points within the city limits of Golden, but best to expect slow movement at these points. CDOT will be maintaining flow north on McIntyre from Hwy 58, but no southern flow will be permitted and no traffic on McIntyre south of 58.

Stage 4 - Denver - August 25

This course is a complete hard closure from 1:00pm till approx. 3:30pm. Denver PD will be maintaining a handful of crossing points on the course.