Swisse Femme Equipe, formerly QCW Women’s Domestic Elite Racing Team is a Pennsylvania-based women’s cycling team comprised of Category 1 and 2 elite-level female cyclists. The team races local, national, and international events in all disciplines, with a focus on professional level road racing, while still allowing riders the time and flexibility for personal careers and family outside of racing. The Swisse Femme Equipe Domestic Elite Racing Team works differently than most domestic elite teams in the United States. We develop our team from the ground up, meaning we do not look for riders from outside our club. Instead, we find talented women within our own QCW club and mentor those riders to advance their skills even further. 


141 | Emma Lujan
142 | Emma Edwards
143 | Emily Marcolini
145 | Catherine Culkin
146 | Kira Payer