To participate, please read about the program and fill in the following pages. You'll need to isolate the EXACT latitude and longitude of where your group would like to be located. 

The 2018 Rally Point Program has several objectives:
-Provide a way for local groups to gather on course
-A way for groups to communicate their gathering location to their membership
-A means for new fans to meet and experience racing through these gathering
-Have a whole lot of FUN!

All Rally Point areas must serve as spectating ambassadors, setting the example of responsibly having fun. The rules are simple:
-Respect the Sport
-NO RUNNING - enjoy the race passage, running poses significant risks to riders and spectators
-Keep the roadway clear - nothing but clean pavement from shoulder to shoulder
-No Paint on the roadway
-No unpermitted structures or amplified sound systems
-Welcome newcomers, the more the merrier!
-Last but not least, have a great time! That's a rule!

Please keep these rules in mind when planning. Next step is review the 2017 parking guidelines. You will be sent the 2018 CDOT parking guidelines with final instructions the week before the race. To review the parking guidelines, CLICK HERE.

Use this form to submit how your shop, club or group would like to involved as roadside ambassadors for the Colorado Classic.  Please respond once per stage that you are interested in. Read through ALL of the sections and make sure to include as much information as possible.

Shop/Club/Group Information
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Description (optional)
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Stage *
Current Rally Point Locations
Please give other groups space. You can see the location of current rally points here: Please note: rally point requests are reviewed and updated on the map as frequently as possible.
Please fill this out or we will not be able to process your request.


In anticipation of large spectator crowds during the Colorado Classic Bike Race, short-term and long-term parking will be controlled in order to maintain a safe, manageable, and enjoyable environment for everyone. In keeping with the bicycle racing tradition, and in an effort to provide a world class experience for race participants, spectators are expected to adhere to the following guidelines: