In addition, there are Key Race Rally Points on each stage where fans can get close to the action and join hundreds of other fans to cheer their favorite riders and teams. These Key Race Rally Points include:

Start/Finish Lines - catch the beginning and thrilling end of the race
King and Queen of the Mountain (KOM and QOM) - climbs where racers earn points towards the King and Queen of the Mountain Competitions.
Sprint Lines - High- speed action areas where racers compete for points toward the Sprint competition
Naturals - every route has several locations where there is plenty of room, site lines and access for an enhanced fan experience such as Gore Creek Road in Vail Village or City Park in Denver.

Please check back here later for a detailed list of Key Race Rally Points for each stage and route.

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There also will be Community Race Rally Points on each route where clubs, bike shops, or fans can organize meet-ups for watching the race. Community Race Rally Points will be published in early August.

To apply to host a Community Race Rally Points:

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